A Visit to Tokyo Disneyland- Part One

Disneyland, a magical place where dreams come true. During the recent December holidays  we brought the kids to Tokyo Disneyland as it was the 2nd nearest Disneyland from where we are staying. We brought them to Hong Kong Disneyland a few years back and they really enjoyed themselves there even though it was quite small …

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Admiring the Sunset

During our recent vacations in Japan I managed to capture this beautiful sunset while enjoying the scenery and rides at Tokyo Disney Sea.  It was the first time that I saw the sun turn so red while setting. You can see in this wide shot that the whole sky turned a shade of  pinkish orange. …

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Custard Bun and Xiao Long Bao

During the weekends we went for Dim Sum brunch in Chinatown. It had been quite a while since we had Dim Sum so the kids and I were craving for some tasty dishes. Besides ordering the usual dishes  which included Har Gow and Xiu Mai we decided to try some  different dishes. The custard bun …

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