Sept/Oct reflection 2020

A drop of water

In a blink of an eye we are into November. 3/4 of the year is almost over and it has been a real madhouse this Covid ridden 2020. Too many unexpected things , changes , disruptions in schedules etc. Fortunately most of the plans that I have put into action have been successfully executed.

As the year comes to an end I’m tidying up all the lose ends and setting up my projection planning for next year. It will be a more challenging year next year as there will be more changes as the job scope and responsibility changes. I will be branching into new areas of teaching and expanding my current offerings to current students. It is time to upgrade and upskill myself . It is important to constantly challenge myself so that I am able to improve and keep up with the rapid changes in society.

I take pride being able to grow alongside with the kids and be up to date with the latest trends and not be left behind. One has to be proactive in order to stay ahead.

Diversification is the key to succeeding so the kids and I will be constantly seeking to better ourselves by acquiring new skills and knowledge which will improve our personal portfolio. One needs to be adaptable and open to changes in order to keep ahead. The kids have certainly grown a lot this year. They have learnt to be more independent and are not able to do most stuff on their own without much supervision.

I feel that it is essential that during this holiday period they brush up their skills in Computing / Drawing and cooking.

For me personally it will be a busy year end period as I have loads to prep for the new year-2021

  • P5 Maths
  • Review Sec school Eng and Science
  • GP English
  • Japanese
  • Kids Holiday program

I also have to finish up on my readings which have ruthlessly shelved for a long time.

  • Self-improvement
  • Trading
  • novels which I have been recommended

Sometimes I feel that 2020 has not been very productive for me as there is so many things not met as yet even though I’ve seen others succeed at it ( IE: weight lost goals). I know that person has been more determined and really worked hard at it therefore she managed to get to her weight lost goals. For me it is one of my constant challenge. I fall off the bandwagon each time and there has been really minimal results so far. I haven’t figured it out as yet what is the most effective method for me which is sustainable.

Currently I am leaning more towards IF and doing exercises at least 4 times a week. I know that I have to do more intensive exercises but do not want to overstretch myself at the moment. It has been exhausting working on this long term goal of mine. I’m really wondering when I will reach my goal weight of 66kg and remove all these unwanted fats that I carry around. It has bee extremely frustrating seeing the weight plateau for such a long time without any progress. How does one keep motivated and constantly work on this goal? Any ideas?