Darren Daily for 4th Jan 2017

It’s time to say, “Enough!


Now that we finally admit it, let’s regain responsibility.

Where are you less than your best? Write them down.

  • Weight
  • Fitness
  • Income
  • Savings/net worth
  • Intimate relationship
  • Career/business progress
  • Relationship with family
  • Relationship with team
  • Relationship with neighbors
  • Peace of mind
  • Life balance
  • What else?

Now write down why on those you picked above.
Write down all of the reasons.
Every single one.

Now cross out the “reasons” you gave for why and simply put:
Because I failed.

Now, what are you going to do to change it, starting now?
No buts, whining, blame or complaining.
No. More. EXCUSES.

I’m going to change my failure in 2017 to success in the areas of health and fitness. I will and have to be more determined in perusing my need to exercise.  Improving on my career and earning more income.

Darren Daily Reflections for 27th Dec 2016

ACTION PLAN: ( According to Dominique )
What are five things you are grateful for in your professional life?
1) Have a good and strong social network
2) Being able to constantly upgrade my skills
3) Have a flexible work environment
4) Have a job which will always be in demand
5) Being able to add complementary skills and increase my marketability


What are five things you are grateful for in your personal life?
1) friends and family who are always around for me
2) For being healthy and free from ailments
3) To know GOD who is always there to guide me through his WORD.
4) To have my sanity and having my plans all fall in place
5) Having the kids and also the love of my life.

Darren Daily for 15th Dec 2016


Re-write your goal/resolution:
I WILL  get through all this!!

Write three ways you can make doing the wrong thing HARD.
1. Over thinking and not trusting all my worries to the LORD.
2. Procrastinating instead of working on it
3. Keeping at it with toxic people when I should just totally eliminate my relationship with them.

Write three ways you can make doing the right thing EASY.
1. Remove all toxic elements around me.
2. Only stock clean and healthy foods in the house.
3. Surround myself with positive people who will encourage me.