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Planning Ahead to 2017

Planning forward to 2017
Planning forward to 2017

In three more months we will be welcoming 2017. I can’t wait for 2016 to be over.  It has been a real roller coaster year for me with lots of highs and lows.  A lot of unexpected changes have forced me out of my comfort zone and make me re-think about what I want in life. I had to reset my priorities and also make some major changes for myself and the kids.

Many important decisions had to be made and I’m glad that I had made them.  I had to cut of certain relationships that had become too toxic to handle. I’ve realized how important it is for me to set my boundaries and protect my sanity from monsters who are all out to create chaos in my life on a daily basis.

2016 has certainly been a year of great growth for me. I’ve realigned my goals several times and worked feverishly in reaching the targets that I have set.

I learnt that it is important to grow and in order to do that, one needs to set aside time for personal growth on a daily basis. Without growth there can never be progression and development. I used to be one who procrastinated a lot and was very hesitant to leave my comfort zone. I realized that this mindset certainly had to go if I am to improve myself and show by example to the kids how to lead a fulfilling and balanced life.

Change is a necessity not an option. 

Planning is something which I do on a regular basis as I feel that it is important for me to be able to schedule into the day as much as I want to get completed. I aim to be productive and efficient in whatever I wish to do by eliminating time wasters as much as possible. It has been apparent that certain things which used to work were no longer effective and had to be discarded in favor of a more effective procedure or strategy.

I used to set my yearly goals around the 1st of January as can be seen on the other blog – Dominique’s Desk . They were rather general goals which I thought were the way to go back then. However now I know better.  To push myself I should be setting very specific goals instead.

Top 3 Goals for the year

  1. Save up $20K for a holiday to Japan with the kids.
  2. Rank advancement to Manager
  3. To have my own apartment


Language Development Goals

  • To spend at least  three times a week reading  Chinese storybook  to the kids  and using the language with them as often as possible.
  • To listen to the Japanese, Korean  and French Podcast  twice a week so that I do not lose touch with those two languages which I had picked up in collage and improve my understanding of Korean.
  • To sign up and attend either Japanese or Korean Lessons with a study buddy.


Marketing Goals 

  • Rebranding myself to make my blog and business more pronounced to the world.
  • Come up with content articles for the blog on a weekly basis
  • Complete any series that relevant and stick to a timeline on their delivery/publication in the blog.
  • Connect with more people online and offline by attending events and joining different groups.
  • Maintain and build new relationships and increase my circle of influence.

Health Goals

  • To get to and maintain a healthy weight of 55-58kg with fat % of 25%.
  • To exercise 4 times a week with the kids or by myself.
  • To stick to a protein rich diet and eliminate all processed and unhealthy foods from my intake ( CLEAN EATING)


For other goals relating to parenting and education I will share on my main blog on a later date.




June – July Reflections 2016

Another month has passed.
Last month I learned the following.
There are certain things which I need to constantly remind my self and the kids.
Remind myself
– That it is important to love the kids unconditionally. Only through doing so will they be able to do the same for others.
– Be appreciative and thankful  for the blessings that I have.  It attracts good Karma.
– Be good to myself.
– Focus on what I want and go all out to achieve it.
– Trust my GUT and internal guidance system.
– Pay attention to my thoughts and refocus when it seems out of track.
– Respect my child’s lift path while giving them adequate support.
– Teach my children how to make their own choices based on their own IGS.
Remind the kids 
-Trust yourself and your judgement
– It is okay to fail as long as your learn from it
– Not all adults have your best interest at heart. Do not blindly just believe what others say.
– Focus on actions instead of words.
– Go after what you want and learn from the experience gained.
-Create your own job. Don’t depend on others to make you happy.

April Reflections

Looking out and pondering
Looking out and pondering

Looking through the window I reflect on the happenings in 2016. The past four months have zoomed past like a flash. Everything seems to be on hyper drive mode this year.

It wasn’t easy keeping everything in balance. It had been a struggle to balance between mothering duties, household  and studying. There were  times that I had to toss a coin and leave it all up to faith on which path I had to follow- left or right.

Placing my trust in the LORD that he will give me the guidance that I needed was what I did when moments got too intense for me to handle.

There were many major life changing decisions which I had to make and plentiful considerations which came along with each decision made. Something had to change if our lives were to be better.

Making one  single change in my routine made a ripple effect and affected the routines of all in the household. The most difficult  decision that I made  so far was to pursue a full time course this year. This required major readjustment in both the kids and my schedule and everything had to fit in perfectly.

Stepping out my comfort zone wasn’t easy. I  procrastinated quite a bit on whether I would be making the changes now or on a later date. I deliberated deeply and prayed for a sign from GOD on what I should do.

I was initially hesitant about making the changes  I  did , however looking back it was certainly one of the right decisions which I made as things only got better after making that decision.

It means a lot to me to keep my balance in life and keep learning at the same time. I believe in constant upgrading and equipping myself with different skill sets which complement each other.  I subscribe to lifelong learning and pursing one’s passions while living it up in the best way possible.

It can be very dangerous to remain in complacency with how fast the world is revolving around us. Skills redundancy is a reality today with the ever increasing global competition. One needs to constantly upgrade to retain their competitive edge over others.  It is necessary for survival.

I feel that it is also important to set a good example by modelling to the kids the importance of education and that it is not something that one pursues during childhood.  Life long learning has lots of benefits and certainly has help shaped my way of thinking and perception of the world.

Things change, people change but the thirst for knowledge will always be there. There is a lot that I still do not know of and wish to acquire.  I am to be relevant and also be able to keep up with the changing trends. With the kids growing up and becoming young adults I seek more to be able to understand them and guide them effectively to become independent adults.

My focus now is more on acquiring skills to assist in their emotional and psychological development and giving them the tools that would support them throughout their lives.


How has 2016 been for you so far?