June Reflections 2019

New Life- Focus

It has been an exhausting month as the kids were on their mid year school holidays. The routine had been turned upside down with the numerous play dates and other specially arranged activities to occupy them. I had less ME Time and for self-study. I’m glad that the kids are all back in school as the new school term has started. 🙂

I have been reflecting on how the past six months have been for me and the kids. 2019 has been more intense as compared to 2018. Everyone’s schedule is more packed but it has been more fruitful too as we strive to live a balance life. It has been a more enjoyable year for all as we continue to enforce the boundaries around us to prevent the flying monkeys from hovering around us.

Being Revisited by Devils.

The holidays brought about mixed feelings for me as certain devils from our past came a visiting. After being away for a period of time they tried to creep back into our lives by playing the victim card trying to tug at our heartstrings. It didn’t work this time as having experience their true nature it was not possible for them to fool me again . As expected they turned nasty when they were called out on their bluff.

Incident One

D1 came around claiming that to be ridden by rather serious illness and that would be out of job soon. D1 wanted to reconnect with me and the kids after being blocked off for the past 2 years. I was still skeptical about D1’s true intentions as my gut felt that there was certainly some ulterior motive behind such intentions. I hesitated about considering the offer and was glad that I didn’t bother to re-connect with D1 as after observing and doing some checking on my side I found out the following- D1 was still very healthy and there was any truth to being out of job and as of today D1 was still gainfully employed and still at the same job.

Potential manipulation = FAIL

Incident Two

D2 sent a message out of the blue asking how the kids and I are and requested for their pictures to see their latest development. Red flags immediately came up for me and I pondered if I should even reply to this message as it has been nearly 3 years before any message inquiring about the kids had been sent by this person. After much deliberation I decide to send the following message back.

” I’m sure you know that we are barely surviving due to the minimal allowance by the EX and that if you want photos of the kids you can ask the EX to invite all of us to Taiwan during the next school holidays so that he can personally take photos of them and send it directly to you. I’m sure he is aware of your desire and have the capability and sincerity to fulfill your wish.

It took a day before D2 true colors were displayed. The respond to the message above were sarcastic laughing icons intend on belittling my intentions and trying to portray that D2 still had some ” control” over us. I knew it was too good to be true that D2 was genuinely thinking about the well-being with the kids and wanting to re-connect with them.

Guilt tripping = FAILED

No attempt of guilt- tripping or gas lighting will work on me and I’m well aware of the different techniques that are being using by these Devils. Their behavior only reaffirms the decision that I made to remain NO Contact with these idiots and not to let their stupid behavior get the better of me and the kids.

I look at their current actions and whether it does match up to what is being said. More then 9/10 of the time they would blatantly fail this simple test as it is too “difficult” for them not to try to behave normally and do things with the best interest of others.

These selfish and egoistic individuals are still delusional despite having aged tremendously with time. They think that they can waltz back into our lives after the destruction they caused and continue trying their best to sabotage the lives of others. They live truly pathetic lives with their self- inflicted skewed mentality. With their constant envy of others and low self esteem they seek out to harm others so they can temporarily feel better about themselves. Those perceived moments of superiority are fleeting and sporadic and definitely not acumulable. Their incompetence, laziness and hatred for themselves makes it impossible for them to have REAL relationships and to cherish the people around them. It hurts them to the bones to see others happy and enjoying life while they can’t and won’t.

These idiots see others as objects to be used and abused and that is something that I will never tolerate. They act like vultures who are ever waiting to swoop in and attack their prey. They project their weaknesses and bad traits on others and make up lies to justify their warped mentality. They never self-reflect and make an effort to improve themselves. They are so afraid to show their true self and be vulnerable to others as it will only reveal that they are an empty shell without any real substance. They expect others to comply with them irregardless of how unreasonable and illogical their demands are. The worst thing is that they think their thinking and behavior is totally justifiable. (What a joke!!)

I only want to be around people who sincerely appreciate me and we can have a mutual understanding about each other and not such vermin. Sometimes when they come knocking with their out of the world demands I wish that I can just shoot them down and throw them into the fires of hell. However I do know that it is up to GOD to pass judgement and not me. For now I do the best I can to stay away and keep clear of such pest – NO CONTACT.