Turning 41

Lovely Chocolate Crepe Cake

This year’s birthday was a rather private affair. I had a simple celebration with the kids. Each year when my birthday comes around I will reflect on how the previous year was for me. It was a splendid year for me when I was 40 as the kids and I are thriving. We are in a much better state now as compared to before and on track to achieving all the goals that we have set out to obtain. Everything is going along to plan.

Being Narc free for the past 4 years had been wonderful. No longer have we to put up with pretenses and being treated badly by others who have Superiority complex and are totally envious of our achievements and accomplishments. These vermin still try to stray into our lives off and on but that door has been shut tight and will not be re-opened ever again.

I will not let anything shatter the peace that we currently have. They are filled with envy and rage and think that others owe them their living. They think they are above all and only what they want/ need matters which is really delusional. These people try to come around and wreck havoc in your life by talking down to you in a condescending manner , mocking you with their words as they want to feel superior to you even though they lack the capability to surpass your abilities.

The Gaslighting that these monsters do.

I had have enough of putting up with all those mentioned in the poster above. It was really madness and it ate into my self- worth by being brainwashed by these monsters. Never again will I allow anyone into our lives who only wish to harm and manipulate us for their own personal benefit. There are too many evil people in the world who only live to create havoc for others. The Devil’s minions. They should be all be exterminated instead of being alive in this world. Unfortunately this hasn’t been the case and they are still around as reminders to us NOT to let ourselves deteriorate to their standard and behave worse than outcast.

What I believe

I strongly believe that all that I need will be given to me by GOD. He knows all and it is in his timing that things will be done. What that is not suitable for me will not stay and I won’t keep things that are detrimental to mine and the kids health. It is not good to be greedy nor envious of others. As coveting what is not meant for you would only lead to much pain and suffering. It will be eventually taken away from you and will cause more damage then benefit to your well-being.

I have learnt that it is impossible to expect someone to change when they have no intention to do that out of their own will. No amount of accommodating their quirkiness give you the result that you seek. These people will never behave like a normal person do not can you expect them to be NORMAL nor really carry out their duties as a responsible adult.

Having expectations on them will only lead to major disappointment and heartbreak. I have gradually learned to have no expectation of them as they will never fail to NOT do what is expected. The hit rate is like 100% failure on whatever is suppose to be done like a regular caring adult. These emotionless and soulless beings

God only leaves the people who are really deserving to remain in our lives. Those who are only there for a season will disappear once their time is up.

Being 41 reminds me that I need to really get into a regular exercise routine and refine my diet. I need to keep fit and healthy for my kids. Therefore it is of upmost importance that I keep both my physical and mental health in check. I can’t afford to let the kilos pile on and have my sanity ruined by unwanted thoughts. I have to be around for the kids as they only have me to rely on as their main pillar of support.

Staying rooted in my relationship with GOD has certainly allowed me to grow and mature. Through reading his WORD I have learnt more about what it takes to have a peaceful and God centered life. Tribulations and obstacles will constantly pop up in my life but with the right mindset and with him as my guide I am confident to be able to navigate through life.