End of Year Reflections

The Tradition Christmas Wreath

Another year has past and it is December again. Today we celebrate Monkey boy’s 13th Birthday. It was a simple family affair for the four of us as the boy indulged in his favourite foods and received presents from his siblings. A peaceful celebration without unwilling and unwanted people hampering the happy mood. A quiet affair with family members who really treasure and wish to be around him and value him for being himself. It will be the last year that we invite the Sperm donor to celebrate the boy’s birthday. Since he doesn’t appreciate spending time with the boy and refuse making him a priority we will not waste time developing any father-son relationships. All relationships have to be reciprocal and if one side vehemently refuses play his part and still expect the kid to be obedient and respect him he can shove his delusional thinking up his rear. We are no pushover!! There is no need to play PR with these devils. We will not depend on their crumbs nor play along with their unreasonable demands and let them have control over us.

Kids come first – this is clearly understood by most parents. They will do anything and everything to ensure that the kids have a good childhood and live a well -balanced life. As if I try my best to provide a safe and nurturing environment for them and support all their interests and passions.

It is such a pity that the Sperm donor, grand egg donor and their families deliberately choose to put their own selfish interest before the kids. Trying constantly to and emotionally and financially abuse them. Even though they do have higher then average finances they choose to neglect their obligations and duties towards the kids. Using intimidation and other gaslighting techniques they try to thumb us down but we will not be broken and submit to their evil intentions.

Our reply to them on any future parties/celebration that we will have will be ” Sorry you and your family are NOT invited!!”.

GOD has eyes and he know the trials and tribulations these monsters have put us through. It is through his grace that these vermin have been eliminated from our lives and no longer have any hold over us . We write our own destiny and will not let these toxic people in ever again.

Focusing on what truly matters and not wasting energy and time on unwanted issues and people have help propel all of us forward. This is the first time that we feel at peace and are comfortable with our growth and where we are, where we plan to be. We are a complete family.