Darren Daily for 15th Dec 2016

ACTION PLAN:  Re-write your goal/resolution: I WILL  get through all this!! Write three ways you can make doing the wrong thing HARD. 1. Over thinking and not trusting all my worries to the LORD. 2. Procrastinating instead of working on it 3. Keeping at it with toxic people when I should just totally eliminate my relationship …

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Network Marketing

October Week 4 Learnings Part 2

In Part 1  I shared what I learned in the 1st half of Joel Bauer’s 1 day intensive speaker event. Here I will be going through in more detail about his matrix. (The Money Matrix) Secure Attention Credibility Rapport Self Effacing Target Problem Suggest there is a solution Set Expectation Pitch Builder (Revelation 1) Social Proof …

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