March Reflections 2019

Deciding on your Mission

I have been attending weekly sessions at WOG and these few weeks. The focus had been on finding your own mission statement and see how your perceptive matches up to God’s perceptive for you. Working through the workbook has given me a better understanding of where I am currently.

I’m focusing more on building up my spiritual knowledge and to get to know more about what GOD has planned for me and the kids. This month I have been thinking a lot on setting my Mission Statement and writing out my personal testimonial on how I accepted GOD. . I haven’t set one before so had to do a lot of thinking before deciding on what I should write down.

The mission statement which I decide to write was the following:

My mission in life is to guide my kids best in their development of values and learning about GOD.

– Rachel Dominique

My focus has always been on the kids and their well-being therefore I find setting such a mission statement is most appropriate. I believe that we are here on earth for a mission and everyone has an obligation to carry out the mission that they have been assigned by GOD. Do you have a mission statement also?

One of my daily focus- knowing the WORD.

Since setting my focus on living more intentionally I have been more aware about the things and feeling that I have. I’ve also made an effort to examine my relationship with GOD and reflected on how my journey has been with him to date.

My Personal Story

Being brought up in a Catholic family I went through infant baptism and all the various rituals. My knowledge about GOD however had been very superficial till adulthood where I started seeking GOD independently.

I had always felt that there were too many contradictions in the Catholic faith and did not wish to be a blind follower. I saw first- hand these people engaging in Sinful behavior without any thought of repentance and using GOD’s name in vain. Their errant behaviors had become more and more rampant that I decide to leave that church and faith when my eyes were open to the presence of the demons that were residing within my former immediate family.

Starting online bible studies in 2015 through a mommy group that I joined via facebook started me seeking GOD more. It was from that time that I realized that something was seriously wrong with my immediate circle. They were not supportive and were all out to wreak havoc in the lives of me and the kids. Family should be supportive and stand by you but mine seems otherwise.

Sometime was certainly not right and I decided there and then to entrust my life totally to GOD and follow his plan. As I seek GOD more through doing various bible studies, pondering on his words and how I could apply them directly to myself the masks of the demons around be started slipping off as he “opened my eyes” to the toxicity I was embroiled in. He gave me the courage to step out of the box that they had deliberately tried to encage me in by allowing me to see how I had been deceived.

You can say that things moved very fast since committing to his will for me and everything which seemed impossible at that stage became possible.
God had been merciful and showed me with grace as after opening my eyes to the evil around he showed me how I should navigate my path and get myself out of this entanglement. He gave me the strength to walk out of a 20 yr abusive relationship and severe ties with all the demons that were festering their evil all around me and the kids. I’m glad that I left before they could suck and destroy my soul.

How had your month of March been?