January Thoughts 2019

An Alley way
An Alley way

2019 is the year that I have devoted to Discovery. Even though we just entered the new year I have already made some important discoveries about how I would like to live out this year with two main focuses.

First Focus – GOD

I’m going to be more intentional in my daily living and carrying out of activities. This means starting off the day by giving my time to GOD and seeking his wisdom in prayer and reading the WORD. I know that it is essential to be in the right frame of mind to keep productivity lasting throughout the day.

Seek Gods Will in all that you do and he will direct your path

Proverbs 3:6

Having him in my life has brought about many changes for the better. With him as my rock I’m protected from the monsters and evil in this world. He guides me along the right path and bears my burdens for me. I’ve seen first hand how GOD has delivered me from harm and set me free from the unwanted soul ties and toxicity which use to surround me. He has given me the strength to make difficult and life changing decisions and the discipline to follow through on all decisions made. I have experienced first hand what seemed impossible at that moment being effortless solved by him.

GOD is the one that helped me make my way out of an emotionally and financially abusive marriage and life sucking relationships . It was unfortunate for the kids and me to be surrounded by vampires who only want to suck us dry and tear us down by projecting their insecurities and flaws onto us. These monsters display a lack of understanding and empathy and it would have meant certain death if I were to remain within their toxic circle with them with these parasites still trying to feed off every drop of my blood!!

Fueled by their egocentric nature ,low self extreme and envious nature these people are perennially damaged individuals who do not deserve our time nor effort. I am no rehabilitation center for badly brought up kids who refuse to grow up and take accountability for their own actions. The hardships (perceived or otherwise) which they endured during their childhood is not an excuse for treating me and the kids badly. There is no way I will allow them to minimise the abusive treatments that they have been inflicting onto us.

No more do I need to put up with being invalidated , listening to chronic lying, gas-lighting, blame projections and being screwed over by so called family. I don’t need to put up with abuse. Family doesn’t need to be Blood. Period. Since I’ve moved on I fiercely guard my peace and will not let anyone invade this sacred space ever again.

Second Focus – Self

Being Mindful

Scheduling is still a big part of my life . There are many things that I want to get done on a daily basis and I know that time shouldn’t be wasted on mundane or unnecessary things . I find it important that I do up a to-do list and a weekly schedule to see if I am on task. This helps me stay motivated and focus on my goals.

Being a single mom of three I do know how important it is to ensure my well-being before the kids. They will certainly not benefit if I suffer from a burnout due to exhaustion. I need to fill my tank before I am able to fill the kids. Staying in the moment and not living in the past or the future will enable one to savor each moment that passes.

Practicing Mindfullness keeps me in the PRESENT and allows me to be fully attend to the issues at hand which are the most relevant to me. One needs to be in the moment to be able to understand fully what is happening and react accordingly.

One of the main factors to living well is by keeping fit. This year I have decided go all out to achieve my target weight/ shape. I’m going to do radical changes to my food intake and up my exercise regime. To facilitate the change to more healthy habits I’m going with a Personal Trainer who will give me 1-1 coaching and be my accountability partner in this weight loss journey. I need to be able to keep my energy levels up and be in the pink of health so that I can be around for them as long as GOD permits me here on earth.

Being healthy gives me the energy and stamina to pursue my passion in the Arts (Visual, Music and Culinary) and Languages. I do believe that keeping myself in good health and continually seeking to improve myself will keep me abreast with the dynamic changes in this world.

I believe in living by example is the best way that the kids can learn is to model on what I do on a daily basis- Living life to the fullest. If they can see me being able to handle all and still enjoying myself they will know that having and doing all is certainly possible.

What thoughts have you been having this January?