Feb Reflections 2017

It is midway through Feb 2017.  The speed that this year has gone by so far is even faster then it was in 2016.

I have done some changes in my daily and monthly routine to incorporate more personal growth activities.  I’ve joined the Lighthouse Ministry and will be helping out in this year’s series of lessons on Values at Monkey boy’s school.

I’m also going back to study and will be doing a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and People Management (WSQ) by Kaplan.  Constant learning is key for me and developing and strengthening my leadership skills is what I am doing at the moment. When I complete the course I will be better equipped in leading others and the kids.  I will also be doing refresher course in MSoffice related courses to brush up my IT skills.

There are quite a few things in the pipeline for me which I’ll be revealing in time to come 🙂 Extremely excited to see my plans entering fruition stage.


Darren Daily Learning for 1st Feb 2017

Are you going for Mastery?

I am trying my best to achive Mastery in the fields I want to pursue 

Are you commited to your goals and achieving them?


Are you maximising your unique strengths? Yes I am

Do you have self management? I do

Are you productive?I try my best to be

Are you able to remove distractions from your life? Yes and No. There are still some distractions in my life which I wish to remove

Are you operating at a high productivity level?YEs

Questions to ask yourself while examining how you are functioning on a daily basis.

Darren Daily for 4th Jan 2017

It’s time to say, “Enough!


Now that we finally admit it, let’s regain responsibility.

Where are you less than your best? Write them down.

  • Weight
  • Fitness
  • Income
  • Savings/net worth
  • Intimate relationship
  • Career/business progress
  • Relationship with family
  • Relationship with team
  • Relationship with neighbors
  • Peace of mind
  • Life balance
  • What else?

Now write down why on those you picked above.
Write down all of the reasons.
Every single one.

Now cross out the “reasons” you gave for why and simply put:
Because I failed.

Now, what are you going to do to change it, starting now?
No buts, whining, blame or complaining.
No. More. EXCUSES.

I’m going to change my failure in 2017 to success in the areas of health and fitness. I will and have to be more determined in perusing my need to exercise.  Improving on my career and earning more income.