Happy 44th Birthday to Me

Lovely birthday Cake

Another year older again. This year I’ve made many new friends and had a few different experiences. Meeting new people and making more connections. It has been interesting and I’m glad that I have made it thus far and am proud of all my achievements. Everyone is now fully settled in the new place and we are enjoying the fruits of our labour. Everyone is much happier this year as we do not need to put up with unwanted drama anymore.

There is no time to deal with frivolous matters and I’m tired of having vermin play their petty games and being green all around me. Who ask them to be of such low calibre and are so easily jealous of others who have made it. They can easily pull up their socks and work hard for it instead of spreading rumours and trying to tear down others reputation due to their own inability and low self esteem. I only laugh at their stupidity as I won’t fall for any of their lame actions being already wise up to these feeble manipulation techniques. Facts speak for themselves and everyone who is genuinely interested and appreciate your friendship will not be swayed by these trash.

It has been great getting into new exercise routines. I’ve managed to find some activity partners and nowadays I go for walks/ hikes and swimming to keep fit. I’ve also managed to get more things done on a daily basis after adjusting my diet. I’m trying to eat as clean as possible and remove all the junk that has crept up in my eating. Prices of food both raw and cooked have gone up tremendously and this makes it even more important for me to ensure what enters my body is of quality and beneficial.

In this age of time the more we need to keep fit and healthy to reduce the possibility of us getting chronic illnesses and be dependent on the toxins that the pharmas try to force down our throats. There is no need to go along with the world-wide scam which many still foolishly believe. There is only one person who we should seek -God. He and only him will be able to see us through the current and upcoming global events which will be earth shattering. It will only get worse and harder from here on. It has already been said in the prophecies. The appearances of the horses, tribulations, plagues etc. All will unfold and have been unfolding based on his design. We have to keep the faith and also stay close to him if we want to be invited into his eternal kingdom.

God has been good to me and I’ve been blessed with his protection during this uncertain times. The kids and I have been kept healthy and we do have enough food on our table to eat. Appreciating the small things in life and not being caught up with the ways of the world and materialism. Going after physical things will never have an end in it. It is a viscous cycle which I don’t wish any part of. There is no need to go after material wealth and status. Those are seriously temporarily in the world that we currently live in which we cannot bring along to our afterlife too.

It has been 9 years since I broke away from that toxic relationship. It has been exhausting at times juggling and handling all but with GOD’s grace and support I have endured and survived all these years. It isn’t easy playing both the role of father and mother (not that I was given a choice) but I did it and the kids are thriving. It would be nice to have a support partner who I can lean on and who is the one who can truly understand me. This would certainly be ideal however I know this dream is still a work in progress. I will not settle for mediocre anymore. There is no need to compromise just to have a man around who may cause or bring more trouble then help. Yes I am picky and certainly have the right to be so.

At 44 I am extremely clear what type of guy I would like to have around and what is essential for me and the kids. I want one that is accommodative and able to give me the space that I need. Someone who by minimum standards is on par with me both mentally and financially. A guy of the same faith and values who is able to love and care for me as I am as i can for him. One who is man enough to embrace the challenges of handling the 1 +3 combo. He need not be a father figure to the kids as seriously this is certainly not needed. The kids are already independent teens and young adults. The guy just needs to be an encouraging elder brother who is fit enough to go along with the sporty lifestyle that we have.He has to be open and flexible enough to constant changes. One who is resilient and driven enough to stand beside me to hold my hand and be willing to face obstacles together. Someone who is appreciative of all that I can offer and provide for him and the family. A hands on and proactive person who I can get crazy with and have a more enriched life. I believe that there is such a guy around and in due course our paths will certainly cross. It will be all in God’s timing.