Turning 43 in 2021

43 and another year older. A muted celebration with surprises from the kids and dear friends. As one ages I find it is important to spend time with only people who matter. My social circle has certainly shrunk quite a bit since the CV Scamdemic started. Even though there has been lots of delays these two years the major project that I have been planning for will be kicking off next month. All the preparation that has been done can finally be executed. We will see the final product by year end. I’m blessed that he had led me through all the obstacles that I’ve faced while planning for this project. Without his help I don’t think I would be able to make it thus far. I’m grateful for all the help and resources that he has given and learnt that taking action will certainly get you where you ought to be. Procrastination of for the weak-willed and should never be encouraged.

This year there are so many nonsensical restrictions put in place by the big G to cohere and frighten the masses into silent submission. It is absolutely a violation of human rights and also going against GOD’s plan for humanity. I believe that there are already many aliens within our midst who are using their NLP and other emotional/ mental torture technique on the masses to relive their glorious days of yesteryears.

In the forthcoming months more secrets and details will be revealed. We will just have to wait and see how it all pans out and that the righteous get their day and evil is overthrown by God’s army. I know where I am suppose to be and whose team I am on. With him leading me and my family I’m certain that we will be able to ride through all the monstrosity that is coming our way.