New Year Resolutions 2021

Heavy Rainfall

It has been pouring for more then 24hrs as we ring in the new year- 2021. Amidst muted celebrations and dampened sentiments lurks the fact that COVID is still lurking around. It’s impact has been catastrophic with the compounding number of deaths and complications related to it. This virus doesn’t seem to be going away soon with its constant mutations and even hybrid vaccinations adding to the death toll.

It is only through GOD’s grace that we are able to stay healthy and sane. He has certainly protected us and continues to shelter us from all the evils of this world we live in. Plenty of natural and man-made disasters fill the calendar and these calamities only seem to be increasing instead of decreasing as we edge towards the end years.

Rain signifies renewal. The heavy rainfall at the start of the year reminds me the importance of washing away all unwanted feelings, thoughts and actions which will not be beneficial towards me and the kids. There are certain things which must remain and some that have to be changed.

I have a tradition of setting goals and new years resolutions and this year will not be an exception. Looking back at past years resolution there are some which are recurrent while others have been achieved. This year -2021 my focus is different – REFINEMENT. I’m pretty satisfied with the lifestyle that I’ve set up for myself and the kids it is just that some tweaks need to be done to make everything run more smoothly.

REFINEMENT -The process of removing unwanted elements from a substance.

It does sound rather scientific with the term commonly used in processing of chemicals. The process would require me to use catalysts to create a more efficient and satisfying life for my family. There will be need for experiments to either add or subtract to what we already have to make the mix optimal. Without making this post sound too technical here are what we intend to do.

1) Intentionally review the weekly menu to ensure that we are eating nutritionally balance foods on a daily basis.

2) Do periodical de-cluttering to ensure that we only keep things that we truly need and use.

3) Do more exercise. I know this is on my list yearly but it really has to be one that is constantly re-stated to remind myself of its importance.

4) Reflect on the Word of GOD. Understand more on how his message is able to lead me through all the obstacles that may come my way.

Have you set your resolutions
for this year?