June Reflections 2020

Amen to that!!

There are many different thoughts that have been running through my mine lately. Adjustments which were highlighted in the previous month had been made and now it is time for reflecting on its effectiveness.

This season I am choosing ME. I’m tired of having to put up with pretense and people who have hidden agendas and are less then honest towards me. I don’t have time for time wasters nor do I want to degrade myself just to suit or meet the level of others. My time is certainly limited and I owe it to myself to make the most my day productively.

This still rings true today. For those who insist that my standards are too high I have only two words to them – Screw You!! Your opinion is not needed and I don’t need to adhere what you say. The only reason why you mention this is because you yourself are inferior in comparison and have nothing to offer that is the FACT. Your qualifications and even potential ability fall way short . You are jealous of my achievements and my ability to be able to bounce back irregardless of the troubles and difficulties that come my way. You try to project your insecurities and bad traits onto me but it won’t work. I won’t fall for your dirty tricks and subject myself to your manipulation and abusive ways. I’ve woken up and am able to see beyond the thin veil that you use to mask your evil desires. I have the amour of GOD on me and am able to repel all the vile and toxicity that you spew.

Those people don’t like their life, but they won’t make an effort to change, and may have a wilderness mentality. Their minds are constantly filled with negative thoughts, and these thoughts keep them from moving forward into the destiny God has for them. The worst thing is that they try to drag others down to “share in their misery”!! They are very bitter individuals who have a very skewed sense of entitlement. They only want benefits to themselves and while securing these benefits they willingly disadvantage and trample on those around them. Totally delusional!! I don’t offer freebies to freeloaders nor will put myself at a disadvantage and let others trample all over me. Those vermin can stay in their cesspits. I don’t give a damn.

At this age ,
I am only interested in consistency,
stability, respect and loyalty

With the start of Phase 2 here in Singapore everything is moving back however things will never be back to normal for me and the kids. Having spent time at home with them these few months we have realised that it is not necessary to be like the sheeple around us. Many material things are non- essentials and actually drain our resources which can be put to better use. We have streamline our expenditure and removed a lot of the excesses that we had previously been allowing. We have to be more prudent with this current economic climate.

It is essential to have enough savings for upcoming rainy days. The economy will not be getting better and there is a high chance that it will get worse. Unemployment is at an all time high and will only continue to rise as more and more jobs are being lost. Many businesses have closed down and exit permanently from the different sectors. Strong reserves and a good network is necessary for survival in this harsh world of us. Without either one can only wait to painfully depart from existence.