Lighthouse Questions for your Soul

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As the year draws to a close there are a few questions which I picked up from Bonnie Gray’s  Facebook group which I would like to answer. There are taken from her Lighthouse questions.

  1. What do you love? 

    I love being with the kids. Spending time one on one with them and all together. Spending time with friends too.Having time to sit down and snuggle with a good book to read at my leisure without having to bother about the piling to-do-list to do.I enjoy eating good food , visiting new cafes and trying out new foods with friends and family.

    Traveling and having new experience in other countries. It would be great to travel to several places a year but our current finances do not allow it unfortunately.

    I love making new friends and building up relationships with others.

  2. What don’t you like?
     Dealing with whiners, fakes and toxic people who try to abuse me and/or the kids. I can’t be too nice to them as they constantly seek to take advantage of me therefore I have to set boundaries and really stick to them.I don’t like playing games, gossiping and being with people who are negative.

    I don’t like being pressured to doing things which I don’t like to do especially when I am short on time.

    Uncertainty about the future or disruptions in my plans.

  3. Who do you want to be? 

    I want to be one who is financially free and constantly meeting up with all the challenges which I set myself.  One who is physically and mentally fit and enjoying life to the max.I want to be one who is able to pursue all of my passions and hobbies while at the same time have a steady source of income and have adequate time with the kids.

    I want to be successful in all my pursuits and be comfortable being myself.

  4. Who you were but don’t want to be anymore? 

    I don’t want to be  that person who is easily taken advantage by others and have to suffer because of their selfishness. I don’t want to be one who attract wolves who can’t wait to devour me and the kids just to feed their every growing fragile egos.I don’t want to be one who is easily ruffled by other’s stupid behavior and rely on others for their validation. I only need 1 person’s validation and that is GOD’s.

    I don’t want to be one who is jealous of other’s who seem to have better financial status then me. I do know that all that one sees may not be the true picture and it is better to be rich in the spirit then here on earth.