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1st Check – My Weight Loss Journey

A selfie of me taken this month
A selfie of me taken this month


It has been slightly more then a month since I put myself on this weight lost challenge.  I’ve been more prudent with what I am eating on a daily basis and have been taking note of my intake. I’ve tried cutting down on processed foods and carbohydrates.  I’ve reduced the amount of bread, noodles and rice that I take and increase the amount of vegetables and fruits. I’ve cut of soda and sweet drinks and removed most of the processed foods that we have at home.

I’m trying to prepare more wholesome food for the family which means more meals cooked from scratch so that I introduce the least amount of preservatives and chemicals to the kids.

It’s not easy deciding on what to cook for each one to eat everyday.  I have to cook nutritious meals for the kids while preparing separate meals for myself. On most days I prepare salads for myself as it’s the easiest and fastest to do. The kids are not really into meats so I normally serve either Chicken or Fish to them with a side of vegetables and soup.

I’ve  hoping to start a regular exercise routine come 2015.  It will be difficult incorporating exercise this end of year holiday season as the kids are with me 24/7. I will try to bring them out to the park as often as the weather permits so that we can get some exercise and fun play in the sun.

I know that it isn’t easy to be discipline and focus on the target of 55kg. It has been a year of no progress so far and I’ve even increased in my weight.

There are some major adjustments that have to be made and I’m  sure with my faith in GOD I will be able to make is time.


So where am I so far ?


Two  weeks into this challenge I’m down a bit from  68kg to 66.5kg. That’s about a 1.5kg loss so far.  I will not be measuring inches and taking any before and after photo for comparison as this record is for my own personal use and not any group challenge that I am on.

I’m hoping to see a further decrease in weight in my next check in next month. 🙂


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