Weigh- In


I’ve recently started  on a weight lost challenge  to lose 10kg and get back to 55kg .

October 7th 2014 is my starting date and I have 1 year to get back into shape.

Since the birth of #3 it has been a uphill battle to get back into shape.

With the added stress of having to run the household solo with the 3 kids I haven’t really been diligently working out and eating right.

I will be monitoring my weight on this page and tracking my progress towards my goal.

29.04.2012 61.5kg  that was my weight 2 years ago and I hope to get back to that weight by  June  2015 * (Updated)

I will be weighing in weekly to monitor my progress.


5.11.2014- 68kg.

22.11.2014- 66.5kg

29.3.2015 – 66kg

10.5.2015- 64.5 kg