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Check in for April 2015

Me in my zumba outfit
Me in my zumba outfit


This month has been a very busy month for me.  The kids are having their examinations this month and I have been busy helping them with their revision.  I’ve cut down eating out and am totally off rice, noodles and wheat products for the moment.  So far I’ve seen that it has helped me a lot as I don’t feel bloated after meals nowadays.

The numbers are lower on the scale this month and from 65.9kg it has decreased to 64.5kg. I’m hoping that I see 63 or 62 soon 🙂

The LCHF diet that I have been on has helped in my weight lost and I do intend to continue with it.  The kilos do not peel off that easy for me and progress has been at snail’s pace so far.  I think I have to further reduce my carb intake and increase the fats intake to make it more effective.

I will be continuing with the twice a week Zumba fitness workout sessions and add a few more home based toning sessions. My goal is to exercise at least 4-5 time a week if possible for maximum benefit. I still procrastinate a lot when it comes to doing exercise as I’ve never like it. It  sometimes seems like a chore for me especially if I am not in a class and have to do it alone.    Do you have such thoughts about exercise too?

How was April for you?



Check in for Feburary

Selfie Taken in January
Selfie Taken in January

It’s February, the 2nd month of 2015. January had really been a chaotic month for me getting adjusted to the new  schedules for myself and the kids.

Since my last update there hasn’t been any  progress getting lower down the scale. My weight has in fact increased a bit from 66.5kg -67kg. I think I have been indulging in too much Pre CNY snacking  as we prepare for Chinese New Year later this month.

Changes in exercise routine

The Pilates class didn’t materialize as the class got cancelled even before it started.   I guess that maybe it’s not for me at the moment as getting a class on weekdays that fits between 9-11am is a real challenge.   I’ve doubled up on Zumba classes instead and have been going for Zumba  classes conducted by iFiesta  twice weekly.   I’m also  spending more time in front of the small screen these few days as I work out with WII Active which was in cold storage since Tiger girl was born.  I’m doing that workout once a week  in between the Zumba classes together with a session of HOT Yoga which I follow via you tube.


New Apps ( Review)

I’ve been using both Noom Coach and Out of milk since last month. Comparing the usefulness of both apps I find that Noom Coach is the app that I use on a daily basis to track what I have been eating. I noticed that certain foods cause water retention and made me feel bloated. I had to cut down and substitute the food item so that  I would feel better.  I’ve stopped using Out of milk as I find that it is really troublesome to go grocery shopping and refer to a list on the phone. I rather concentrate on zooming in on the items which I wish to purchase and just go to the particular aisle directly for the item.  It was more time consuming and redundant for me to physically tick off the items on the list on the phone.  It is only after testing out the app for a while then one would know which app is necessary and which one can be uninstalled.

New Things I’m trying out

I’m testing out shape wear together with toning creams to see if they do help in targeting my mid section and firming up my abs while reducing the spare tire.  I believe that if you feel good you will look good too and it will definitely do wonders for one’s confidence level.

What I may be considering

I’ve been thinking about getting a Mi band ( and maybe a XiaoMi phone too) to track my sleeping pattern. I’ve been having rather poor sleep for the past 10+ years since #1 was born . Even though diffusing essential oils like Lavender has helped me a better night rest it is still not optimal sleep. Maybe if I was able to track my sleeping pattern it would give me an insight to why I’ve been having such restless nights.


How has the journey to keeping fit been for you in January?