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Formula One Workbook- Eric Worre- Question 2



Question 2- What are you willing to give up to get it?

I believe that it is important to put in some investment in order to receive what I want.  There must be a sacrifice in order for me to  grow and develop.   These few months I have been setting aside about 1-2 hrs daily to do various readings in network marketing. I’ve also purchase quite a number of books by the top gurus in this industry to get a better understanding of network marketing.

One must constantly be learning and gaining knowledge to be up to date.  You also need to try out and see what is suitable and what is not so that it can be tweaked for optimal performance.



Formula One Workbook – Eric Worre- Question 1

There are many books in relation to Network Marketing that deciding what to read can be mind boggling.  I’ve decided to start with this one Formula One Workbook- Eric Worre

1. What do you want out of your network marketing career?Who are the important people in your life? Who do you want to make proud? What can you do with your success? (causes, help others, showing your kids that an entrepreneurial path is a great path) Why are you involved?

I would like residue income,  grow my network and sphere of influence. I want a steady income from this source which I can rely on to provide for the family.

My kids are the most important people in my life. I strive to provide for their needs and do my best to give them a good childhood experience. Beside the kids, My dad, friends and team mates are also important to me as they give me lots of encouragement and support in my time of need.

I want to show them that I CAN and I will be successful in my chosen career and lead a debt and stress free live.

When I get where I want to be I will be able to groom other leaders and also at the same time show by example to my kids that it is possible to lead an alternative lifestyle compared to the popularly preached one by society. I want to cultivate their entrepreneurship potentials and give them an edge in life.


Sept 2016 Week 4 Learning


There are many things that I learned this week..

The main takeaway was

Do not complain, criticize or condemn your team member

Negativity only breaks the team’s unity and makes it difficult to move forward.


Some Reasons to Follow Up with Customers and Prospects


To say Thank You (for their time, for a referral, for their purchase, for their attention, for a tidbit of information they may have shared with you, or for whatever you can think of that is logical)

To invite them to a seminar or a webinar they may be interested in

To tell them about an article or press release they may interested in – be mindful of content value

To tell them about a new service you are offering that may benefit them

To ask about a new service they are offering that may benefit you or someone you know – call to learn more, but be sincere and don’t waste their time

To give them a business referral (good one!)

To offer your help or expertise with no strings attached

To enquire about their business growth (be sincere/logical)

To participate in a survey you’re conducting. Let them know you value their opinion!


Some Effective Ways to Follow Up with Customers and Prospects

-Get involved in non-business activities that may also interest some of your clients. The more you have to share with others, the more you have a reason to speak with them.

-Know what’s going on currently with your prospects and clients.

-Use Google Alerts to keep on top of what they’re doing, and respond accordingly.

-Know as much as you can about your client or prospect.

-If you want to be valuable to them, then know what IS valuable to them. The better connected you are to what’s valuable to them, the better response you will have.

If sales budget allows, give them a useful gift, fridge magnet, pen, note pads, etc. with THEIR business info on it, not yours.

Give them an occasional call to ask how everything is going; no pitch.

Send a card or postcard, handwritten if possible, just to say hi and to show interest.

Keep a mindset that “they can either do it themselves, or they can ask you to do it.” If they want to do it themselves, then they’re not your ideal client anyway, and that’s fine.