February Reflections 2020

Moving on and setting boundaries

2020 is certain a year of may changes. With the current Covid-19 worldwide condition a lot of changes have to be made to our daily routine. Plans that I had actually decide on in January had to be temporarily put on hold or modified. This is to ensure that we minimize contact with others as much as possible and to remain safe and healthy with high antioxidant foods and constant cleaning of our home through disinfecting and sterlising on a daily basis.

February was a month where ghost of the past came a knocking trying to invade our sacred sanctuary. I guess due to the festive season they assume that the kids and I will be more forgiving towards their lewd and unreasonable behavior. This is certainly extremely far from the truth!! In no way will I tolerate their wanton ways and selfish agenda anymore. Barriers and boundaries have been erected and they will be maintained to ensure the safety and sanity of all.

I do not practice an open door policy and when some doors are shut they will remain permanently shut irregardless of the change in situation/ environment. Having one bad experience is more then enough to warrant exclusion from our lives. They want to be delusional and be blinded to the spiritual deception that is around and I do not want any part of it. I will only pray for their spiritual awakening from afar that they will not continue a life of debauchery. Life is certainly too precious to be wasted away and occupied by such nuisances.

With all the chaos in the world due to widespread infections, crashing economies etc it is ever more important to strengthen ones walk with GOD and follow his TRUE teachings. There are too many false preachers in our midst making it sometimes hard to discern real from fake. Therefore trust your GUT not the words that come out from the mouth of these so called spiritual leaders. If the Holy Spirit resides within you there is no issue in being able to seek out what is right according to his WORD and follow it.

Seek his protection and strive to understand his teachings so that one will be able to live a fulfilling and peaceful life.