2020 A New Beginning

Handling all the different balls.

2020. The start of a new decade. The time to make new resolutions and to see them through. The start of the new year has rejuvenated my desire for being the best I can. Needless to say I have a greater need to keep fit and maintain a healthy weight now that I’ve entered my 40s. I’ve yet to reach my targeted weight and with a slow down of my metabolic rate over the years it has become much harder then before. However I’m not discouraged as I know that every effort does count to staying healthy into my golden years.

Exercising with the family

Doing exercise alone is extremely boring. It also hard to be constantly motivated to go to the gym or doing exercises while following the videos on YouTube at home. Therefore this year I’ve decided to exercise together with the kids. We are doing something which the four of us can do altogether simultaneously – Badminton. Monkey boy is a PRO at this spot having played it as part of his CCA since his primary school days. The rest of us have to really take some time to be able to catch up to his current standard.

Besides Badminton I am also looking around to see what other type of classes I can attend which will be cost and time effective. Any suggestions?

Paying Attention

My word for 2020 is FOCUS . This year besides being more intentional in my actions I am going to simply my schedule further and focus on the essentials. I’ve already eradicated unwanted nuances in 2019 and now in 2020 it’s time to refine the skills and talents that I have chosen to develop for myself and the kids. I’m focusing more on academics for the 3 of them as they are facing streaming this year – Primary 4, Secondary 2 and Secondary 4 (O-Levels).

Since it’s January I’m going to get everyone used to more regular revision on all subjects so that they are able to keep on par with their peers. I’m drafting up study schedules for all and making everyone accountable for their own progression in their studies. I personally will be focusing more on improving my Japanese, ability to understand Mathematics (Upper Primary and Secondary), cooking skills and understanding more on God’s Word via the Bible.

How has January been for you?