Sept Reflections 2019

Jetting off on a trip

September was a month of travel for us as we got sponsorship to visit a country which I haven’t been to in ages. It was a trip down memory lane revisiting places that were my usual hangouts when I was in Uni. It’s a really different experience seeing the place after 20 years. The place really looked so much different from what I recall it to be.

It was great to be back there and experience a sense of nostalgia walking down memory lanes. I recalled the hours I spent listening to lectures in the various halls and rushing for assignments that had to be completed before the deadline. The place felt familiar but at the same time foreign with new buildings which replaced the older faculties. It was a bitter sweet moment for me and being there helped me close a chapter on my life which was a prelude to the nightmare that I had when I was in my 30s.

What I strongly believe.

Being a parent I strongly believe that it is ones duty to be there for the child that you bring into this world. We are their first teachers therefore we SHOULD lead by example and be good role models teaching them about empathy, resilience. morals and virtues which will help lead them into their adulthood. Lead by example so that they be able to follow and grow into responsible and useful adults.

Unfortunately there are many sperm donors who are delusional. They refuse to accept the fact that it is their duty to be responsible for the upbringing of their children. They choose to abandon their biological children to live in their fantasy world full of lust and materialism. Living only in the now with no projection or planning for the future.

They try to fill the gaping void that they have in their life with these wanton earthly selfish desires which leads them to live a life of sin. They don’t even have any shred of conscious they have in their vile bodies which only serve as receptacles for drugs, alcohol and sex . Full of lust and greed they prey on the young and innocent and try as they may to rob them of a proper and loving childhood. These creatures are full of holes, spread untruths and live in a web spun out of their own skewed thinking that they are entitled and everyone should conform to their whims and fancies. They only want to exploit others around them and rejoice in torturing others.

Reflecting on how I had to entertain them in the past only fills me with feeling of disgust. I’m glad that GOD had enlightened me and removed all those toxic people around us who are, till date, trying to plot against us. I don’t feel pity no have any inclinations to do anything for them anymore. I do know for a FACT that they don’t do anything without a hidden agenda. It always ends up the same way. They try to come around with a carrot but when they do not get what they want they end up being nasty and their hidden tails come out with their caustic mouth and cussing.

Luckily for my kids I have created a impenetrable protection barrier around them and educated them of the evils or such vermin. They know who has their best interest at heart and how to tell if a person is genuine or fake. It’s certainly a pity that they didn’t have the opportunity to grow up in a healthy family with a loving extended family to give them the moral and physical support that they need.
My kids are not at a disadvantage or lacking in any aspect. They are independent and constantly improving their skills sets in all areas so that they will be able to have a competitive edge over others once they enter the workforce as an adult.

Every family has their challenges and in this day and age the so-called traditional family structure is no longer the norm. Family is made up of people that matter to us. Those who behave otherwise have been excluded from this composition. We choose who are allowed to be in our family.