April/May Reflections 2019


The first half of 2019 is almost over as the June holidays is fast approaching. Every year time seems to be passing faster and faster. Taking assessment of things that have been happening around me I’m glad to see that everything has been shaping up especially in reshaping myself. I’ve completed the WOG course and made many new friends through the 10- week course.

I’ve been listening to a lot a lot of different inspirational/ educational videos and one in particular that caught my eye was on Queenlogy- Being the Queen you are. There has been too many social conditioning that makes women a social slave. That is not what GOD wants for us.

RC Blakes Queenology focuses on these 5 principles.

#1 – Self Awareness
Understanding how you see yourself and the way you feel about yourself. It has taken me years to be able to see clearly what I want and don’t want around me.

My identity is in my relationship with GOD and my understanding of myself as an individually gifted women. I am not defined by what I do, what I have or whom I am with.

RC Blakes

Common mistake: Women letting others who don’t have their best interest define them and put them in a box. Don’t believe blindly when someone says that you should do this/ that because it is for your benefit when it may be otherwise. There are many wicked people in the world who will not hesitate to abuse use for their own benefits.

The environment you are in either allows you to grow or stifles your development. Many times the chaos or busyness around us dulls our self-awareness as we are so caught up just surviving. However ever since intentionally deciding on craving up my own path and align myself fully with GOD’s plan for me I can ascertain that my self-awareness has certainly been heightened.

#2 Self – Mastery ( Discipline)
The most vulnerable women is one who lacks discipline. She has to take ownership of what she sees and take action so that she can develop her spirit. The development of yourself has to be intentional . The most vulnerable women is one who lacks discipline. She will be abused and used if she doesn’t set her boundaries. She will never thrive.

I am in possession of myself. I am mastering my emotion, relationships , spirituality, sexuality and financial choices.

RC Blakes

Common mistake: Giving in to pleasures of the flesh and looking for instant satisfaction. Living for the moment without forward planing nor thinking through whether it will be truly beneficial in the long run.

Self discipline is an on-going pursuit for me. It can still be a struggle managing certain emotions that I experience and prevent crippling triggers from disrupting my daily mood. Self- control is not really easy especially when slipping into SIN is something extremely easy to do. I have to intentionally focus on what I know I SHOULD do for my benefit. It is a daily challenge for me to ensure that I keep on track and carry out everything on my to-do-list.

#3– Self projection ( confidence )
Never apologize for who you are. Don’t dumb yourself down because other people are small and are unable to handle your greatness. Don’t shrink yourself to fit yourself to man who are not fit for you. Anyone who is worthy of your world will never be intimidated by your presence. Always project yourself. Do not doubt or 2nd guess yourself.

I will never be invisible in any space as I have presence. I make a statement without ever saying a word. I will assert myself wherever needed and leave my mark with grace, humility, excellence and kindness.

RC Blakes

Common Mistake: Trying to make yourself appear dumb so others can appear smarter than you. Letting others dictate how you should behave in their presence and letting them control you and your actions.

There are many people that are intimidated by your light and wish to shut you down so that their dullness is able to shine and lord over you. Their low self esteem and manipulative techniques do not work on me anymore. I’m now able to see through all their tricks and set adequate boundaries against them once I spot the red flags.

#4 – Self Sufficiency ( Being independent)

Don’t believe that man will take on 100% responsibility for what you need as a women. You may have great man but they may die on you anytime and leave you stranded. It is always wiser to be educated and be able to fend for yourself whenever necessary.

I am capable and motivated to trust GOD and to be the source for my life and its necessity. I will not beg/plead with inferiors what I will do for myself.

RC Blakes

Common Mistake: Being fully reliant on others for daily survival. Letting others manipulate and take advantage of your vulnerabilities.

It is always wise to have you own source of income. Do not ever fully depend on your partner for sustenance. It is always important to have a back up plan just in case any relationship goes south and prevent yourself from being manipulated by others.

#5- Self Actualization ( Manifestation)
Everything in you is executed and your life unpacks. Don’t waste time on relationships and things that make you unproductive or keep you in chains.

I will not bring the value and gifts that GOD has given me to the grave.
I will not waste my purpose and potential on Secondary matters. Every vision, dream and or assignment will be manifested.
I will live my life for the complete expression of who I was meant to be. I am becoming more everyday.

RC Blakes

Common Mistake: Thinking that certain things should wait till the “conditions” seem better however that time may never come. God wants you to maximise your gifts and not waste it. That also includes not wasting your time on some imaginary prime starting point on using your gifts.

It is important for one to understand oneself in order to grow and mature. Being accepting of constant change is important in order to be able to reach ones full potential. Constant learning is important as needs and environment change periodically and it is important to keep up with the times.

What have you been reflecting on recently?