October Reflections 2018

Christmas Reindeer

It’s coming to the end of the year. Another year – 2018 is almost over and Christmas is around the corner. This year has passed me by at a breakneck speed. There has been so many changes that happen and I’m glad that it has been for the better than worse. The groundwork that I had been laying for the past few years had finally paid off.  We are finally able to put a closure on most things that were bothering us and move on as a family.


This was a very difficult lesson to learn and I’m still trying to accept this truth for certain people who I used to know.  Some people just don’t grow wiser with age. Instead they get more brazen with their foolhardy ways and cause more chaos to those around them. Idiots they are and they continue to be. Maturity is not co-related to age as some forever stay in the toddler mentality stage with their childish behaviors.

Trust is forever broken because of their selfish behavior. Nothing they do is without an ulterior motive. It is pointless trying to fathom the rationale behind their actions as there are none. What they do can only be attribute to insanity and the fact that they are creatures who are void of any empathy and morals. The minions of the Devil himself who carry out his bidding.  Try as they may to break us and wreak havoc on our lives they will never succeed. With GOD as my protector and guide the evils that they try to bring upon the kids and me will not harm us.

House Keys
House Keys

I am now more selective about who should be allowed into my home. Not everyone deserves a chance to have a set of the house keys.  Home- wreckers,  self- entitled snobs and parasites are not welcomed.

A home is a sanctuary where one is able to enjoy peace.  A sacred space where one is able to rejuvenate oneself after a tiring long day at work. A place where one can be free of the distractions of the world.  I  am now more aware of how to keep this space a positive one for me and the kids by not inviting in any negative people or unclean spirits in.  It had taken some time but I now have a better understanding of what I want/ do not wish to have in my special space with the kids.

Brick by Brick I am building up this safe space for the kids and me. Choosing very carefully what I want in our home which would not only bring it to life but also enhance our living. I have grown more intentional with my actions as I am more in tuned with what is beneficial for me and the kids after being awakened to the evil manipulation of some undesirable creatures who were around us.  No more will I allow myself to be the  target of these toxic vermin.