July Reflections 2018

Family Mantra
Family Mantra

This 2nd half of 2018 has been more hectic than the 1st half was. There are many more things which require my attention and focus as compared to what I had to  handle for the past six months. Certain issues  have come to a closure while new projects that used to be in the pending folder have just started.

Despite the increase load that I have I can say that I’ve finally found my balance – Work, Studies, Family, Friends and me time. It hasn’t been easy tweaking everything but I’m proud to say that I found that Magic combination which works for me.

The past 2 years I have redefined the definition of family. The one that has been defined by society as people who are related by blood who supposedly should be the ones that you can rely on and grow old together no longer apply to me and the kids.  The worst ones where the flying monkeys who know what was going to happen and still sit by the sidelines eating popcorn waiting for the show  to play itself out.

Monsters with no self control and no empathy . Whole bunches of Devil Minions!!  There are certainly NOT the people I want the kids and me associating with.

The so called “family”  on both sides of the tree were the people who played us out. They were in cahoots with each other to try to ruin our lives. Luckily  GOD is on our side and removed these evil people from our circle by giving us the tools and battle armor to fight against them.

Even though it  it is all in the past I am glad I torched every single one of those bridges even how difficult it was for me then.

The only way is forward based on GOD’s design. No looking back  No regrets!!



Cozy Living Room
Cozy Living Room

2018 has been a year for major “renovations” in the kids and my life.   We have been straightening out our thoughts and realigning our goals to ensure that we get what is the best for us in our current state in life.  I have become more prudent and eliminated any hitchhikers who may want to leech onto us for a free ride. No freeloaders permitted.  I will not anyone to pull me down – intentionally or not.   Having removed the Toxic people from our lives I will not allow any new ones to enter nor old ghosts to come back into our lives to haunt us.

It hasn’t been easy creating our own cozy space and I am guarding it fiercely.  The home has to be a safe haven for me and the kids and no invaders are allowed.