May Reflections 2018

It has been three years since he left. Things were rough in the beginning solo parenting but it is getting better day by day.  NO regrets. Even though the family structure is less then ideal based on society’s standards of a complete family I find nothing lacking with my current family nucleus.  No doubt it would have be a more cohesive environment for the kids if there was a hands on  father figure around however it was never meant to be.

The DAD that the kids had was  negligent and condescending and never had their interest at heart. It was for the better that he left and join the rest of the Undead who indulge in vice and filth. The kids deserve a untainted childhood which is trauma free and that’s how I’m going to mantain it for all.

There is no need to pander to unreasonable demands anymore. No need to be constantly devalued by someone who thinks that it is his birthright to set unattainable standard  for others by constantly moving the bar deliberately.

Not Gonna Settle
Not Gonna Settle


It has been a growth experience for the four of us. We have learnt not to be hoodwinked by Devils anymore. Enough is enough. No more settling for less when we DESERVE the BEST. It had been an eye-opening episode knowing what we thought was the norm wasn’t actually. There are too many messed up people in this world and even whole clans who are delusional focusing on material gains and instant gratification by abusing the trust and loyalty of others. They use “family ties” to blackmail others to do their bidding even though how insane it seems.  It doesn’t work anymore honey!!  Do so as I’m your Father / Mother/ Grandmother/ Spouse means zlich to me and the kids. This statement is no longer threatening towards us and we will not cower down to bullies.

I'm the QUEEN
I’m the QUEEN

I’ve stopped dishing out my power to the unworthy and have gained everything back. Firm boundaries have been set and cast in stone.  I’m on the way to building up my castle brick by brick and this time I’m determined not to let anyone stand in my way anymore.