April Madness and New Routines

My Focus
My Focus

April-  It has been a slow start to the month as there were lots of unforeseen incidents that I had to deal with.  Everything seems Topsy turvy and familiar routines  were thrown out of the door to deal with the kids falling ill one after the other.  It was really chaotic in my household as there were repeated visits to the doctor and even hospital appointments. I really pray that the kids remain healthy so there will be  normalcy in our lives.

April Fool’s Day – A commercially created occasion for people to waste money on useless items. Regarding jokes I strongly feel that not everything that happens can be minimized and brushed aside as a joke. In fact I don’t find most things funny nor worth laughing about especially when it involves making fun of other people misery.

I personally do not condone people creating practical jokes nor people brushing aside serious issues by laughing at them.   I guess my serious and practical nature makes it hard to understand what joy can be derived from torturing others.  I find such behavior sadistic and shouldn’t be promoted. It is demeaning and degrading and can be seen as a form of abuse.

I’ve learned through life experiences to  stay away from people who are practically in all sense MAD.  They create drama wherever they go and try to push the blame onto you. It’s already trying enough being a single parent who has to take care of EVERY SINGLE THING. It is extremely exhausting juggling all the different roles and responsibilities and I have no time and energy to deal with such vermin. These damaged people never learn from their mistakes nor wish to do anything to improve on their character. They keep on committing the same offences over and over again like a broken record.



Sometimes I am so tempted to go off on a solo trip or a girlfriends trip to recharge myself however my rational self prevents me from acting on such fleeting thoughts and burning a hole in my already tight finances.

I long to be able to go on nature trips with my camera and capture the beauty of flowers in the fields. The last time when I visited a flower exhibition was 4 yrs ago in  Taiwan.  I’m hoping to be able to go to Holland to view the tulips when they bloom or the Sakura and Lavander flowers in Japan.

April has been a month to focus on breaking out more of my shell. To attempt things which I never really considered in the past. It has been a month to reconsider my options and plot in detail how I intend to develop myself fully this year. This month I also re-evaluate what I have been doing so far has been providing the results which I have been aiming for.  Constant tweaking needs to be done for one to obtain optimal growth.

The kids are having the mid year exams soon and I’m rushing to see that they are adequately prepared for each exams. As we progress through 2018 it has only been getting more and more busy month to month. Hopefully the kids and I will be able to take a long deserved holiday year end.