February Reflections 2018- On Love


February is a month of love.  It is a month where we have two major celebrations – Valentines Day and Chinese New Year back to back. This year I’m not seeking a grand celebration and indulging in extravagant presents. Increasing my material possessions has never my focus and will never be. They are only transitional objects which have a limited life span here on this earth.

Even though it would be really nice to be able to have a lovely dinner in a romantic setting with chocolate and flowers and even presents on Valentines Day it is really an extravagance which can be omitted.  Showing your Love is not limited to  the actions on a single day. It can be displayed on a daily basis to those who really matter to you.  Love has to come from the heart and not something to be worn on one’s sleeve or orchestrated for everyone to see.

Over the top Public Displays of Affection (PDA) can really make me roll my eyes as to me if you constantly need to seek outside affirmation to validate your relationship with others then you are better off not having the relationship in the first place.  The constant need for justification will only cause strains in the relationship and give undue pressure to one party.

Both parties need to work hard on the relationship constantly to keep and build on trust and such display only show how shallow the relationship maybe if one is reliant heavily on outsiders for validation and approval of the relationship. Only when there is trust then there is sustenance and longevity in any relationship.

Cup of love
Cup of love

Love is a feeling that moves me greatly. The different degrees and intensity of Love that one feels depends on the life experience that we have.  Loves vibrates through us and it may come and go depending on the changes in the external environment.

Having been played out by a few people who I thought were family and had my best interest at heart, I’m now more reserved in showing my affection to others.  Not everyone deserve our love even though they may demand it from us. I have enough of unrequited love and selfish love to put up with these toxic kinds of love.

Unconditional love is something which I reserve specifically for those that I hold dearest to me and people who are genuine. The ones who are truly family and will go all out for you as you do for them. I’ve enough of people trying to take advantage of my kindness and generosity that I’ve harden myself towards these type of people.

It is extremely hard to love someone who is all out to cause damage to your life and your spirit just for their own selfish benefit. I choose to love those individuals from afar. Away from their destructive nature

Too many people only believe in conditional love and that’s certainly is how relationships break up.One party get so tired when whatever they put in is taken for granted and even unrequited.

You are certainly worthy!!
You are certainly worthy!!

Everyone is worthy of love. You don’t have to go around begging for it. It should be given freely. Never  give love to people who don’t appreciate it or beg love from people who are unwilling to give you any.  There is no need to lower your standards just that others can feel “superior” towards you. I know that I am worth it and will not be put down by others who try to tell me otherwise.

It is really unfortunate there are people around in this world who are incapable to love anyone besides themselves. These are the people who are a bane to society. Vermin they are feeding on others generosity and kindness and exploiting it for their own benefits. Sapping the goodness of others to feed their own selfish needs. They live in their own little world where everything is “perfect” according to their standards. Void of empathy these soulless individuals lead meaningless lives as they never can get peace and satisfaction in their lives. They move from one disaster to another wreaking havoc on everyone that crosses their path. They are best avoided at all costs!!!

I’m blessed to have friends and family members who love me unconditionally.  Their support and love have helped to sustain me through these turbulent times.

What are your thoughts on Love this February?