What is Success?

Moving Up
Moving Up

What is Success?


How one will define it depends on his/her understanding of this word.  The dictionary defines it as ‘the achievement of an aim or purpose that you have set’. Everyone’s definition is different and it doesn’t mean that one needs to go with the norm and society to define what Success means.

Here are some questions to ask yourself

  1. When do you feel most successful?

    For me success is not calculated in the number of material things that I have nor the amount of money that I have. Even though no doubt money is important and we do need it to survive on a day to day basis it is not everything.  Feeling successful to me is completing all the tasks that I set out to do. Achieving the goals that I have targeted within the given time frame and more.
  2. What are the times that you have felt most successful?

    There are a few occasions which I have successful when I manage to complete a task that I never though I would have been able to do. Ie: Creating a website from scratch, Over coming my fears and phobias.
  3. What will you need to have accomplished to feel successful?
    I will have to completed my to do list and meet the goals that I have set out based on the different time frames to feel successful.
  4. What is your ideal successful day?
    An ideal successful day would be to be able to complete everything on my To-Do-List. A productive day.
  5. What are your measurements of success?
    Having sufficient time to spend with my love ones,being able to pursue all my interests without having to neglect nor sideline the needs of the kids.  not having to worry about not meeting daily necessities like the need for food and lodging. Being in good health and also having a healthy bank balance.  I will not use the material things of this world as a marker for success.Even though it can be enticing to have the latest designer handbag, posh car, big house etc it is not something that is essential to me
  6. What standards do others judge me successful by?
    A lot of people deem me successful as I am able to take care of the kids single handed while taking charge of the household, perusing my own passions while at the same time increasing my knowledge and skills.
  7. What is my definition of success?
    Having the ability and flexibility to do the things I want when I want it without having the restrictions of a desk bound job. Being able to travel and let the kids have various different experiences which will enhance their childhood. Not have to worry about when the next pay check is coming in and also have enough set aside for the kids educational needs/ living expenses. 

How do you define success?