On Turning 39

It’s August again and on the 15th I’ll be turning 39. One year before the big 40. A chapter of my life is nearly over.  It had been a turbulent 30s for me  with as I was on  a never ending  emotions roller coaster with many toxic people around me.

Since making the life changing decision in 2016 I can say the changes that I have implemented has been for the better.  I’ve stepped off the dead end train and am creating my own path one plank at a time.

It has been a year of  accelerated growth as I realigned my focus on myself. I steered clear  from negative people and slowly eliminated them one by one. I’m also slowly reaping the rewards from the plans that I executed last year.

I have grown more picky about the people I want in my life. I’ve tighten up the circle around me by removing drama mamas and toxic people  who have been negatively affecting the kids and my life.

I will not let myself be surrounded by monsters  who are all out to create chaos in my life or put barriers between me and my progression.  People who are filled with envy, rage and are every ready to invalidate me. They do not want to rejoice in my successes and achievements therefore they have no part to play in my life.  Appearing or perceive themselves as superior to others, they look down on everyone else even though they are in no way better then the average person.  They have very vile personalities and certainly not individuals that I want to associate with- EVER!!

I’m sick of these witches and vampires  who constantly try to justify themselves by quoting their “saintly” actions which they did 10-20 years ago which were in actual fact is nothing to shout about. They have this I am holier then others mentality even though  what they are doing mundane stuff which any ordinary human being does without asking for anything in return. Ie: Taking care of family members and showing love and concern for them. They expect to be applauded for every little action that they do for others. Nothing is done without a self beneficial agenda.  They love calculating for every single thing that they say they do for you and making you ” pay” for it.

Bearing grudges against others as they constantly perceive the other party to be taking advantage of them when in actuality it is the other way around. They are the bullies who act like they are the victims instead. They are both emotionally and verbally abusive and should be thrown in jail if possible. It is  absolutely ludicrous that they expect others to pander to their whims and fancy without compromising or offering anything in return. It will never happen. Never again!!  I’m much wiser now and stronger and will not put up with such mistreatment nor invalidation from such morons. They no longer have any control over me nor will they be able to have any control over me and the kids. I’ve set solid boundaries and will certainly keep enforcing them to keep these monsters at bay.

These people together with those that practice NATO have been eradicated from my life.   It has been certainly more peaceful and  I thank GOD for giving me the courage that I needed back then to make all the monumental decisions.  I’m certainly blessed by him through following his WORD. He has been there for me ALWAYS and I’m eternally grateful to have him as my guide and savior.

Thank you Abba!!

It has been back to the drawing board on many occasions for me as I find tune my strategy on how I am going to go about achieving my goals. I’m still edging on to achieving financial freedom and a well balanced work/ family lifestyle. I’m reading up on different investment strategies and doing a comprehensive analysis on the best way to grow my limited funds.

Inflation has really raise the standard of living here in Singapore. Everything is getting super expensive and the salary of workers are not rising accordingly. It hasn’t been easy to do my budgeting with the limited funds that I have on hand. However it is not impossible and certainly after I master the techniques from the masters that I am following I be able to reverse my current situation and free myself from the financial abuse that I have been tolerating  under a tyrant all these years.

I’m working my way towards achieving my ideal figure. It has been an extremely long journey for me getting back to ideal weight. Since the birth of Tiger girl in 2010 I have been trying to get back to pre-preggy weight without much success. This two years my weight had plateau and even started creeping up due to the increase stress of handling the intense weeding process which I have implemented since 2016. I will be changing up my diet even more to tweak it so that fat loss continues and I get back my ideal shape and weight.

I’m praying very hard that the I’ll be able to ride out the storm victorious and emerge stronger then ever.