March Reflections 2017

March had been an extremely busy month for me. Studies had commenced for me and I was busy juggling both studies , kids and work. It wasn’t easy but I made it. I managed to finish the 4 modules from my Specialist Diploma  in Leadership and People Management from Kaplan. I have another 4 modules left to complete the course and expect to complete it come July.   Learning about Leadership and People Management has given me a better inside on how people think and how to motivate them.

There has been an surge of interest in people (Middle management) attending Leadership course during the current economic slow down. Many companies are sending their employees for  upgrading courses to sharpen their skill set as they brace for more structural changes within the different sectors.

The economy in 2017 seems worse than last year with more retrenchments and friends around me looking for job.  The pocket has to be tighten for many as expenses have risen but the pay hasn’t increased in tandem.  The expenses for our family has increase also as now Monkey boy is in Secondary school and the school fees have increased nearly double!!

I’m still figuring it out how to grow an income so that I will be able to sustain the growing family needs and at the same time improve our lives.

Any pointers to share?