Feb Reflections 2017

It is midway through Feb 2017.  The speed that this year has gone by so far is even faster then it was in 2016.

I have done some changes in my daily and monthly routine to incorporate more personal growth activities.  I’ve joined the Lighthouse Ministry and will be helping out in this year’s series of lessons on Values at Monkey boy’s school.

I’m also going back to study and will be doing a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and People Management (WSQ) by Kaplan.  Constant learning is key for me and developing and strengthening my leadership skills is what I am doing at the moment. When I complete the course I will be better equipped in leading others and the kids.  I will also be doing refresher course in MSoffice related courses to brush up my IT skills.

There are quite a few things in the pipeline for me which I’ll be revealing in time to come 🙂 Extremely excited to see my plans entering fruition stage.