Network Marketing

Formula One Workbook – Eric Worre- Question 1

There are many books in relation to Network Marketing that deciding what to read can be mind boggling.  I’ve decided to start with this one Formula One Workbook- Eric Worre

1. What do you want out of your network marketing career?Who are the important people in your life? Who do you want to make proud? What can you do with your success? (causes, help others, showing your kids that an entrepreneurial path is a great path) Why are you involved?

I would like residue income,  grow my network and sphere of influence. I want a steady income from this source which I can rely on to provide for the family.

My kids are the most important people in my life. I strive to provide for their needs and do my best to give them a good childhood experience. Beside the kids, My dad, friends and team mates are also important to me as they give me lots of encouragement and support in my time of need.

I want to show them that I CAN and I will be successful in my chosen career and lead a debt and stress free live.

When I get where I want to be I will be able to groom other leaders and also at the same time show by example to my kids that it is possible to lead an alternative lifestyle compared to the popularly preached one by society. I want to cultivate their entrepreneurship potentials and give them an edge in life.