Deliberating on Strengths


I have been doing quite a lot of  self learning in these couple of months. As part of my focus on CHANGE for 2015 I needed to know what my strengths and weaknesses are.  Even though I have an idea of what they are I was  interested to know if I have identified the areas correctly. 

I did an online test and these came up as my top 5 strengths. ( In no particular order)


Planner Strategize Strategize; Plan and identify relevant obstacles (to avoid them). People with the Planner talent create alternative ways to proceed. Given any given scenario, they can quickly spot the relevant patterns or issues and find a functional path.
Information Excavator Information Input To dig and validate information. People with the Information Excavator talent have a craving to know more. Also enjoying the collection and archiving of information.
Confidence Self-Confident Self-Confidence to lead or create new ways. People with the Confidence talent feel assure in their ability to manage their own lives; possessing an inner confidence that their decisions are right.
Stucturer Disciplined be Disciplined and create routines to avoid rework. People with the Structure talent enjoy routine and structure. Their world is best described by the order they create.
Group Relations Relate Relate in order to integrate groups. People who are with the Group Relations talent enjoy close relationships with others; finding deep satisfaction in working hard together with friends to achieve a goal.


It is interesting to know what ones strength is so that one is able to capitalize on it.  To focus on your strength you will know where it is possible for you to excel easily.

As you can see from the chart above my main 5 strengths are

– Planning

-Information Excavator

– Confidence

– Structurer

– Group Relations

This means that I enjoy planning, searching for information and processing it. I love following routines and thrive with a schedule in place.  I also enjoying developing close relationships with others.  I found this analysis quite accurate.

To get a clearer and more professional assessment I took the Gallup Strengths Finder test and my top 5 themes came up as  Input, Learner, Responsibility , Focus and Deliberative.   The results for the two test were similar and it only confirmed my previous findings.

I’m a person who loves to increase my knowledge and have a craving to know more. There is a very wide range of topics and subjects which I am interested in. I’m constantly reading up and do get many different books to review on a monthly basis.

Being able to fuel my passion in reading have given me a chance to broaden my horizon. I have also been able to learn many new things which I have tried out and put into practice to enhance myself and the family.

I have been setting yearly and monthly goals which I try my best to follow through. I find that this helps me to keep focus and on track.  You can read about my resolutions for this  year  and my focus on CHANGE over at my main blog- Dominique’s Desk.

It is said that when one focuses on their strengths they are able to excel and do even better.  Now that I know what are my strengths I’m going all out to further improve on my strengths  and

Do you know what your strengths are?