Weight Loss

Check in for March 2015



This month has been a busy month for me as the kids had their one week term break.  We spent a lot of time eating out as we were out a lot due to the holidays.

It wasn’t that good for me as I had to really  be very discipline with what I was eating and it’s difficult with the limited choices I had while eating out with the kids.  I’ve managed to bring my weight down to 65.9kg and aiming to hit 64kg if possible by end of next week. ( I’m aiming for a 1kg a week reduction)


Current Exercise routine 

I’ve tried doing Zumba three times a week but it was a bit too exhausting for me. The best is still twice a week and a variety of different ab exercises at home which I can do in my spare time.  I’m not really tin climbing stairs but  I try to do it as often as I can.


Diet Changes

Since changing over to a LCHF diet I have seen the weight finally started peeling off constantly. I  feel that this is the diet  is helping me as the weight is finally starting to go down for me.  The only downside to this diet is that the organic foods are not cheap and it has increase the amount that I’m spending on groceries weekly.


How was March for you?