Weight Loss

Check In for January


Tiger girl and me
Tiger girl and me

It has been another month since I last checked in.  I haven’t had much progress since I started the weight lost challenge. In fact the year end holidays had put a damper on my attempt to lose weight. I’m still stagnant at 66.5kg.

All the holiday feasting and being on vacation has made it difficult for me to reduce weight. I have also been very slack in doing regular exercise and it hasn’t helped me a bit. Now that the kids are all back in school I’m able to kick start my exercise routine again with a more scheduled time table.

New Classes

I’ve signed up for Zumba and Beginner Pilates classes at the local community center and will be commencing classes shortly.  I too am making a point to go for a brisk  walk in the park every day after sending Tiger girl to school. I’m thinking of joining  a few more Zumba classes during the week but will have to see how to work it into the current schedule.

New Apps

I’ve added the app Noom Coach to my android phone and have been logging in what I eat daily. It helps me to be more conscious about my choices and make me more prudent in staying away from high calories and sugar laden foods.

The other app which I had added is Out of Milk  which helps me plan my grocery list and to-do list on the go. I stumbled upon on Facebook while I was browsing through some groups which I am a member of. This app  allows me to list down the items that need to be bought at the supermarket into the different categories and helps me take note of the prices.

I tried it out recently when I went grocery shopping and had fun ticking off the items one by one. Using the app helped me ensure that I got everything that I needed and minimized the chance of having to go for another grocery run for items which I had previously missed out.

New Diet

Being 36 I noticed that my metabolic rate has slow down quite a bit.  I do not lose weight as easily and have to put in double the effort to get the same results. It is exasperating at times as you  it means that I am moving along at a snails pace instead of the speed which I would like.

I’m adding more salads into my diet and cutting out more processed foods, refined carbs and sugars.  Since November I have stopped buying Ham, Bacon and Sausages for the kids to eat.  I’ve also increase the variety of vegetables and fruits that are available during meal times at home.

I hope to see a lower number on the scale soon.