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Of Rocks and the Sea

Big rocks off the private beach  at the Bintan Angsana Resort
Big rocks off the private beach at the Bintan Angsana Resort

It has certainly been a long time since I’ve revisited this space.  The last entry here was four months ago in July. I’ve been so preoccupied with developing Dominique’s Desk and focusing on the kids that this blog has been neglected.   I haven’t had time to experiment with different photography techniques as I haven’t been snapping as many photographs.

I’ve been trying out more dishes though but have posted them to instagram instead as it’s really more convenient to snap and post up on it as compared to blogging about the dishes/ bakes that I have tried this few months.  Some of the times I forget to snap a picture before I start eating the dish. On several occasions the dishes don’t really look very camera worthy due to me putting it together haphazardly. ( Focusing on getting the dish to the table for dinner is my priority over arranging it  in a nice presentation)

I think I need to revamp my schedule so that this blog doesn’t get neglected again. No doubt I don’t intend to post here as regularly as the other  main blog  and I have yet to figure out what  to do to make full use of this space.

Rocks and the seaside
Rocks and the seaside

It feels like I’ve hit a rocky patch in regards to this blog and have yet to think through carefully on which direction to take.  I don’t want to duplicate the type of post on both blogs as both should have their own unique characteristics.  I have been reflecting a lot on how I am leading my life this year and quite happy where I am at the moment.

Even though I still have some challenges to complete I  am working my way towards getting them done before their deadlines.  I have been lucky to be able to  have the opportunity to travel frequently each year and experience a change of scenery.  Last month we traveled to the island of Bintan, Indonesia and  the kids and I got to enjoy the sun and the sand. It has been quite a while since I last went to the beach  and it was certainly great to be able to feel the soft white sand in between my toes while listening to the waves lapping against the shoreline.

It was really refreshing to have the sea breeze blowing at you racing around on a jet ski while I was in Bintan. It felt as if I was like a bird flying across the surface of the water without a care in the world.  It was surprisingly thrilling and relaxing experience to  me being on the jet ski for the first time.  Nobody was the wiser that  I hid the fact that I do have a phobia of drowning. I used to stay away from being in the sea due to this fear and  still pass on the opportunity to go scuba diving. I guess as I grow older I try to face up to my fears and not let them  paralyze me.

I guess that it will take me a bit longer to decide how to efficiently use this blog. Meanwhile I’m open to any suggestions that you readers may have. Do let me know in the comments below.