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Ice drink
Ice drink

It has certainly been a long while since I last posted in this blog. Initially I had the idea of posting my photography and travel pictures over here however since the start of the year I’ve been much more busy to be able to post regularly to this site and am posting on my main site- Dominique’s Desk more regularly.

I’ve decided that I will be using this site more to experiment with different techniques which I may learn in photography and showcase my latest adventures in my culinary pursuit. There are many different dishes that I wish to try out and have yet to get around to cook or bake.

At present I am thinking of experimenting and trying out more Korean dishes as I recently bought a Korean Cookbook. The recipes inside that cookbook do not look too complicated and the ingredients relatively easy to purchase from the nearby grocery stores. I aim to try about one to two new dishes a month and also work on tweaking the existing dishes within my compilation cooking file to make the dishes more tasty and healthy.

I do love traveling and taking pictures. I will be featuring my travel pictures both here and on the other blog but focusing on different details and angles. This way there will be no overlapping of post and I’m able to share my views on different aspects reading travel photography and other more technical related matters.

What do you think about this arrangement?

What have you been thinking about lately?

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