Stone Statues

The Fertility Statue in Jeju island
Dol Hareubang in Jeju island

It is really interesting to see stone statues by the roadside. We saw many while touring Jeju island, South Korea in June. The above statue was found in many places on the island. It is the God of Protection and Fertility and many newly wed couples can be seen stroking the nose  for a boy and the ear for a girl.

Hugging and Owl
Hugging and Owl

I saw this statue among others in a garden along the roadside. This person looks so happy hugging his owl.

Leaning on a rock
Leaning on a rock

This was another unusual statue in the garden. It looks like there is a crab on the top of the rock the statue is leaning against.

Lazing in the garden
Lazing in the garden

Sunbathing statue. This statue was made in June 2010. I can’t read Korean so not sure what is written on the name plate next to it.

Do you like looking at statues too?



7 thoughts on “Stone Statues”

  1. Beautiful pictures Rachel. Stone statues are amazing considering the time it must take to create them. I saw so many stone statues, enormous ones, six feet in some instances while traveling in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe produces many stone artists. I take my hat off to them 🙂

  2. This is very unique!! Wonderful photos with hints of utilization of shadows and sunlight to capture the statues at the best parts of the day… Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love statues too! When I was younger, I used to like posing next to statues I found in my travels, imitating the pose of the statue 😛 I’d like to visit the sun-baking one some day and strike a pose next to it! That’s really interesting about the fertility statue and how they rub the ear or the nose depending if they want a baby girl or boy. I love finding out about traditions and superstitions like that!

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