Wild Flowers

White bloom
White bloom

For the past few weeks I have been sharing photos of Pink and purple blooms, waterlillies and  Bees with flowers. This week will be the last installment of pictures of flowers which I took on Jeju island during our trip in June.

The blooms in the series were taken from roadside flowers which we went past. I love how the clusters make up the white bloom above.

a yellow bloom
A yellow bloom

A close up of a yellow bloom. You can see the stamens inside the flower and also the various stages of the plant life cycle from the shot with the buds and fruit on the same stalk.

A red bloom
A red bloom

I love the dreamy look of this flower so I edited the picture to make it more like a flashback picture.  There was a whole bed of these type of flower outside one of the hotels which we stayed in.

What flowers have you been looking at this week?

19 thoughts on “Wild Flowers”

  1. Hari Om
    Pretty, pretty, pretty! That last bedding plant is Petunia – one of my father’s favourites. It seems you may not be aware that the “yellow bloom” is none other than…. TIGER lily!!! The white one at top would need a bit more description for me to be certain… climber, shrub or tree? Happy WW! YAM xx

    1. @Yammi,
      Thanks for coming by this week and letting me know the names of the flowers. I’m hopeless at identifying the blooms so I name them by their colors 🙂 This first one is a shrub.

  2. Gorgeous! Sadly, most of my flowers have died this year. We have had way too much rain and they drowned the roots 🙁

  3. Stopping by from Christina’s WW link up…you were the post right before me. I LOVE your flower photos. I have been looking at all kinds of flowers lately myself as we just bought our first home and it came with a garden of already established flowers. There are many kinds of lily’s, roses, trumpet vine, and some wildflowers I don’t even know the name of yet. I love watching things grow.

  4. Loved looking at your flowers. I’ve been enjoying a yellow bougainvillea that’s blooming profusely on my balcony

  5. What beautiful flowers! It’s beautiful to see blooms from other countries. Thank you for sharing and linking up Dominique!

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