A whole pool of waterlilies near the restaurant which we had lunch
A whole pool of waterlilies near the restaurant which we had lunch.

I have always love capturing photos of flowers. Besides the flowers and bees I also took countless shots of the flowers which we saw at the botanic garden at Jeju island, South Korea. The waterlily is one flower which captured my interest.

I first got to view the waterlily when I spotted a pool full of it near the BBQ pork restaurant which we were brought for lunch during the 1 day tour we signed up for.

White bloom close up
White bloom close up

Doesn’t it look super pretty close up?  It looks so refreshing and  lovely. I could easily spend time mesmerized in it’s beauty if I had the time.

A single bloom
A single bloom

There were more different varieties of waterlilies in the Botanic gardens. The blooms there too were much larger and certainly equally beautiful. It was a real treat for the eyes being in the garden.

Purple waterlily
Purple waterlily

I love the purple of this Star of Siam. It’s patterns on the leaves and the flower itself is very different from the traditional waterlilies which I have seen in ponds.


Yellow bloom
Yellow bloom

This yellow bloom didn’t not come out that well as it was hard to adjust the lighting and specs on the camera as the shot was taken in the harsh midday sun. The leaves look more amplified then the bloom itself.

Have you been snapping any flowers this week?

33 thoughts on “Waterliles”

  1. Hi,
    I have always loved water lilies as well, as I grew up in Thailand where they are abundant. Nice pictures, and I’m sure walking through the gardens is very peaceful and calming.
    Have a great day and keep taking great pictures!

  2. Lovely pictures. I have a book of the paintings of Monet called Water Lilies on the bookshelves in my living room that I’m looking at right now.



  3. This makes me want to pull out my camera! These are such beautiful pictures! Flowers are my favorite subject to photograph. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t used my camera much though. Thanks for sharing these!

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