Filters and Light from the Window

Snapshot #1 of the windows
Snapshot #1 of the windows

While at the museum last month I took some shots of the windows that used to adorn the outside of the building before they built the extension around it. I framed the picture using the cinemascope option via Picasa.

2nd Snapshot of the Windows
2nd Snapshot of the Windows

This time I left it in natural light as  I wanted to show how the light filters in through the  glass panel on the side. The softness of the light as it radiates through the window.

3rd snapshot of the windows
3rd snapshot of the windows

In this shot I was aiming to portray a more somber mood by creating a darker overview of the shot. I focused on intensifying the shadows around the window panes and played down the actual brightness of the shot.

Which shot do you like the best?

38 thoughts on “Filters and Light from the Window”

  1. they are all wonderful–I like the second shot the best….but that third one looks like it could be a cover for a Murder Mystery!!

  2. The first one is my favorite, even though I would be happy with any of them. Being a non-photographer, I had to go back and view them several times, and with your descriptions I can begin to understand the value of lighting.

  3. Amazing what the light at different times will do to pics.
    Thanks for stopping by Oh My Heartsie today to link up each week, I appreciate it.

  4. You get a different mood with the different lighting effects. Good to see what you can do with different camera settings.

  5. I actually like #1 the best – the one with the most light is the one I was drawn to. But the one you were going for – It really does have a certain ‘something’ about it that’s nice too 🙂

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