Evoking A Dash of Color

Back View of father and son
Back View of father and son

Sometimes it can be hard to focus on one part of life. There is too many things coming fast and furious at you.  It may see extremely difficult to focus on a single issue at a time.

You need to be able to mute out all the unimportant parts and concentrate on what really matters to you.  As you can see in the photo above I am  placing my focus on my boy and his dad but making that part of the picture colored while the rest of the photo black and white. There needs to be a focal point in life for you to work towards.

Especially in photography there has to be a focal point to draw the attention of the reader/viewer to what you want to place emphasis on. Presenting too much in a shot will certainly clutter it up and make it difficult to focus. By guiding your audience you will be able to let them know what is the main point in the shot or the reason ( in this case) for this focal point.

The bonding between father and son. Extremely precious and precocious. Something that has to be carefully tended to. A relationship which will last throughout the ages and survive the challenges which life may throw at it.

I hope that father and son will be able to enjoy more such moments of one to one bonding with each other. It is something in the world which money cannot buy.

How do you use color?